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All shipments handled are subject to the following RULES and / or additional charges:

                      1.  After Hours Pickup or Delivery                              

Loads scheduled at or between the hours of 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. will be charged an additional $50.00 per load.


Any pickup or deliveries requested on a Saturday or Sunday will be charged an additional

                      $75.00 per load.                               
                      The Access Group Inc. will only do Saturday and Sunday orders subject to driver availability.                              
                      2.  Bonded Shipment                              
                      Any Shipment moving under a Custom Bond.                              
                      An additional charge of $75.00 per Shipment will be assessed.                              
                      3.  Break-bulk pickup / delivery from or to piers or wharves                              

A surcharge of $50.00 for break-bulk or deliveries, piers or wharves, will apply in

New Orleans, LA. or Gulfport, MS. or Mobile, AL.

                      4.  Chassis Rental / Use                              

Chassis will be provided, subject to availability, at the charge listed below:


Tandem chassis



Tri-axle chassis



Tandem chassis



Tri-axle chassis


Chassis used, held or delayed longer than 24 hours will be billed $30.00 per additional day for chassis use.

                      5.  Cleaning of trailer or container                              

A charge of $75.00 per unit will be assessed when cleaning is required.

                      6.  Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.)                              

A minimum charge of $25.00 will be charged on C. O. D. shipments.  C.O.D.’s in excess of

$1,000.00 will be assessed at a rate of $25.00 / $1,000.00 value.

                      7.  Convention Center / New Orleans                              

A surcharge of $75.00 will be applicable for each trailer or container going to or from the

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.


8.  Detention

                      Free time allowed for loading or unloading is two (2) hours, except as follows:                              

Pickups or deliveries within the commercial zones of New Orleans, LA. or Jackson, MS. or

Mobile, AL.  is allowed one (1) hour of free time. 
                      Multi-stop moves (split pickup or delivery) are allowed one (1) hour of free time per stop.                              
                      Detention, when incurred, is charged $75. 00 per hour, or fraction, pro rata (1/4 hour increments)                              
                      Drivers detained overnight will result in a layover charge of $250.00 per driver, per occurrence.                              

9.  Fuel Surcharge

Please Telephone or email (link or website) for current fuel surcharge information.

10.  Flat-Rack Containers

A surcharge of $75.00 will be applicable to each “flat-rack” container handled.


11.   Hazardous Materials Surcharge

All shipments regulated by US-DOT under 49CRF will be assessed a “hazmat” surcharge of

$75.00 per container or trailer.

Shippers will be required to furnish shipping documents and placards in accordance with 49CFR.


12. Lumper Fee / Driver Assisted Unloading

A $125.00 charge will be applied in addition to other charge.


13.  Overweight Fines

Over-gross or over-axle fines will be billed to the responsible party for the actual

amount of the fine plus an administrative fee of $25.00 (to cover expenses).


14.  Per Diem or Storage Charges

Per Diem or Storage will be billed to the responsible party for the actual amount plus

                      a 5% administrative fee.  Carrier (The Access Group) is not liable for any per diem charges on                              
                      pool equipment held or stored at carriers or customers facilities to accommodate customers.                              

15.  Permit Loads

Overweight or over dimension loads will be quoted based on the requirements of and the costs of the permit required.

16. Rail Billing


We will send Booking Number, Container Number, Accurate Weight to the proper

                      steamship company for them to execute Rail Billing. An Administrative fee of  $15.00                              
                      is charged for this service.                              
                      17. Re-Delivery Charge                              
                      In the case of arrival “no billing” at any rail ramp or port facility with no billing in place,                              
              &n9p;       will be customer will be assessed one round trip local dray and                              
                      carrier will be transport the load to its facilities pending receipt of billing instructions.                              
                      Storage charges (see Rule 22) will apply.                              

18.  Refrigerated Containers

A surcharge of $75.00 will be applicable to each “reefer” container handled.


19.  Residential Delivery

Pickup or delivery to private residences will be assessed a charge of $75.00

per load, in addition to all other charges.


20.  Scale Fees / Weighing

The charge for weighing a trailer or container light or heavy will be $30.00 per scale ticket. 

An additional dray charge of $50.00 will apply on loads within commercial zones of

New Orleans, Jackson or Mobile.


21.  Shipper Controlled pools

Carrier will not accept liability or equipment while in the care and custody of the shipper. 

Carrier (The Access Group) will not liable for per diem charges on pool equipment.


22.  Stop-Off Charges

Additional charges will apply to each enroute stop, when ordered.


23. Storage Of Sealed Loads

                      Containerized units (on wheels) will be stored at the carrier’s facility at a charge of $20.00                              
                      per unit, per day.  Storage charges of one full day for each day will be                              
                      applicable to the following:                              




Customer is allowed free time of date of pull plus one (1) additional day.


Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will all be charged once the daily storage begins.


A full day will be assessed for the day the load leaves carrier yard, regardless of the time of day.


See item 13 in these rules regarding   Carrier will not be responsible for any per diem 

                      per diem charges resulting from storage of containers at carrier yard.                              
                      Per Diem charges vary by shipping line and type of equipment.                              
                      Specific per diem information can be provided by carrier upon request.                              
                      Carrier will not be responsible for shortage claims unless the seal is breached                              
                      while in care and custody of the carrier.  Yard storage is subject to carrier convenience                              
                      and space availability.  High value loads will not be stored at carrier yard overnight.                              

24.  Trailer Use Charges

                      In case of carrier supplying the trailer for use free time allowed will be the day of arrival                              
                      plus, one calendar day.  Charges of $50.00 per trailer per day will be applicable                              
                      beyond free time.